About Hypnobirthing


What is hypnobirthing?

The Hypnobirth Company offer a complete antenatal, birth preparation programme designed to help give you your best possible birth experience, one that is positive and empowering, wherever you give birth and however your birth unfolds.

It is based on medical knowledge, and is designed to be simple and logical, ensuring that it meets the needs of every mother. You’ll gain a ‘toolkit’ of skills that can be practiced in the run up to birth and can be utilised during labour, knowledge to help you navigate the NHS system and an understanding of the physiology of labour.

It can’t guarantee you the ‘perfect’ birth, but it will empower you to be as calm as possible, relaxed and ready to meet your baby.

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What are the benefits?

For mother?

So. Many. Benefits.

For a start, understanding things about the female body and what it can do that you may have never heard before. Hearing a different narrative around labour than what is so commonly shown in the media and for entertainment.

A ‘toolkit’ of skills and knowledge that you can practice with your partner throughout pregnancy, and during birth. Understanding options, making informed choices and taking responsibility for your own labour with the knowledge that you can make the best choices for yourself as an individual.

The opportunity to ask questions and understanding what questions you’d like to ask your midwife/obstetrician.

A calm, comfortable environment (mentally and physically) for labour, with a few massages and gentle stroking along the way.   

The possibility of a shorter first and second stage of labour, a more comfortable, potentially pain-free birth.

Confidence in the knowledge you are doing the best for yourself, your baby and your family.

For the Partner?

There is often a perception that during birth fathers are nervous and do not know what to do.

Hypnobirthing gives fathers and partners knowledge, and the ability to support the mother as they give birth and understand that they too can play an important part in how their baby enters the world.

In preparation for the birth, together you can practise the relaxation and breathing techniques, have discussions on your birth preferences and what you want to do as a couple in the event of any changes.

This could enrich and deepen your relationship as well as making the partner feel more included. As the mother is focused on using her hypnobirthing techniques, the partner may act as her spokesperson during labour, or provide a conduit for communication. 

For Baby?

Hypnobirthing can help the baby experience a calm, gentle birth, and may reduce the risk of the baby becoming distressed.

There is often a reduced need for medication and medical intervention, so babies are therefore unaffected by their side-effects.

Babies can enter the world feeling calmer, as they have entered when they are ready and at their own pace, so are alert and ready to bond with the mother and partner.

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